Meet Our Advisory Board

Clear Creek Makerspace is governed by an Advisory Board who reports to the Localworks Board of Directors to best drive the mission and vision of this programming. 

Tyler Kerr, Staff

Meet Tyler Kerr, the program manager for the Clear Creek Makerspace! From an early age, Tyler was an avid maker, scientist, tinkerer and, much to his parents' chagrin, a keen disassembler of treasured family electronics. He studied paleontology in both college and graduate school, with a particular focus on fossil whales -- officially making him a whaleontologist. Before joining the Localworks team, Tyler worked as a STEAM educator and ultimately as director of Wyoming's Innovation Wyrkshop makerspace network, one of the largest academic makerspace networks in the Mountain West. His interests include 3D printing, digitization, and developing creative, gamified, out-of-the-box nerdy ways to engage communities and teach complex topics in meaningful ways. When he's not in the makerspace, you can find Tyler and his partner Kate camping, hiking, and generally trying (and failing) to stop their three dogs from eating and rolling in weird stuff they find in the forest.

Amanda Harrison

Hey friends, I'm Amanda. I'm the communications manager for the City of Wheat Ridge and a member of the Clear Creek Makerspace Board. I am a long-time supporter of makerspaces and helped develop a makerspace at my local library, as part of my first communications job out of college! I hope to use this knowledge to help advocate for and grow our own makerspace.

Brea Gilchrist

My name is Brea, and I'm a communications consultant and creative entrepreneur! I live in Wheat Ridge, and was thrilled to discover the beginnings of the Clear Creek Makerspace last year, and used several tools to support my stationery design business and clients. These experiences, paired with my background in communications and placemaking, have me so excited for the continued growth of the Makerspace, and I'm honored to play a part in it!

Ross Carpenter

Hey Guys, I'm Ross! I fell in love with the makerspace idea in 2013 when our company leased space to a new concept in Longmont called TinkerMill. They struck a nerve in the community and blossomed into one of the largest makerspace organizations in the country, spawning dozens of successful startups over the last decade. As an avid tinkerer, builder, and Northwest Metro Denver native, I look forward to helping build and grow the programming and events at Clear Creek Makerspace.

Zach Wilcock

Zach Wilcock has worn a few different hats, from a reformed sailor and chemical engineer to startup CFO and currently technology portfolio owner. Zach has traveled to nearly 80 countries, has been part of several maker spaces and is excited to have the Clear Creek Maker Space so close to home. He is particularly interested in the circular economy and fostering the development of startups in the makerspace that help make our world a cleaner and greener place.

Erik Skansberg

Hi, my name's Erik. I'm a mechanical engineer by day, a Maker by night, and a pyrotechnician on weekends and days off. I've been passionate about metalworking, welding, woodworking, and the maker community my entire life. I have over half a decade of experience teaching 3D printing, CNC programming, and laser cutting at the Colorado School of Mines and Arapahoe Community College. Additionally, I work as a lead pyrotechnician for Night Musick, Inc., performing professional fireworks shows across Colorado. I love learning about others' projects and passions, so let's chat next time you're in the space.

Clint Carlson

Clint Carlson moved to Wheat Ridge just over a year ago and immediately got involved with his local community. With an international education background that includes building Makerspaces in many schools across multiple continents, he's thrilled to be putting those best practices and lessons learned to work for the Clear Creek Makerspace. He looks forward to this advisory role as well as running various Makerspace workshops around Virtual Reality, 3D modeling, Game Design, Multimedia, Video Editing, Computer Building, and more around digital creative spaces and where they overlap. Clint is also the Director of Digital Education Innovations at the University of Colorado and focuses on creative capacity building found where education, technology, and public health intersect to build stronger communities.

Jake Martin

Hi everyone! My name is Jake. I am an electronics specialist with the Colorado Department of Transportation. I love tinkering and making all sorts of things. I was so ecstatic to find a whole group of people who have as much passion for making as I do when I found the Clear Creek Makerspace 18 months ago. I am honored and beyond excited to help create a place for makers to come together and create so many amazing things. I look forward to seeing new makers and their ideas!

Soroosh Hedayati

Hi, I’m Soroosh, an entrepreneur, creator, and maker based in Denver, CO. Working with mixed mediums, lighting, electronics, and software, I create pieces that tell stories of science.

Marissa Miller

Hi folks, my name is Marissa! I have been involved with makerspaces and other communal cultural venues since earning my Master of Architecture in 2014, bringing human-centered design to the creative spaces we occupy. I am a creative strategy consultant, designer, artist, upcycler, urban permaculture and sustainability nerd - engaged with the creative community of Wheat Ridge since early last year through both the early stages of Clear Creek Makerspace, as well as the founding of the Wheat Ridge Center for Music and Arts. I am so excited for the continued growth of the Makerspace and honored to help foster a place of collaboration, diversity, and creative legacy for the city.

John Boling

Hello everyone! I'm John. I've been passionate about woodworking for about six years and became really enthusiastic about fostering a community in this craft when I learned about CCM. Originally from Lubbock, TX, I relocated to Denver in mid-2016 to pursue a career in software engineering. I'm eager to teach classes and contribute to expanding both the woodshop and our community offerings at the Makerspace. Besides woodworking, I have a keen interest in 3D design and printing, software development, gaming, and climbing. I live nearby, so you'll probably see me around quite often! I look forward to connecting with all of you and building something great together.


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