Custom Metal Donor Feathers for Mural Wall
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  • Material: 3/8" anodized aluminum plate (or similar)
  • Requested By: Marissa Miller

40 West Creative District

40 West Arts District is looking to quote out materials and labor for a facade mural installation that includes customized plate metal elements in the shape of chicken feathers. Each feather can be sponsored by a community member with the community member’s name etched into the finish of the feather. In order to know what we can set our sponsorship levels for these feathers, we need to quote out the labor costs of someone interested in fabricating these feathers, as well as the per-sheet costs of the metal we select.

My understanding from our current capabilities @CCM sees the job going as follows:
– Cutting down the sheet stock to fit into the laser bed
– Maximizing the amount of feathers we can get out of the material in job setup
– Laser engraving the custom names into the feathers, and outlining the template to be cut
– Plasma cutting the feathers by hand (current limits of the makerspace)
– Cleanup and any finishing work (note: we want a dark feather with a bright name engraving)

Please see the attached photo for a rough mockup. Note: name will be fill-etched, not cut and there will be no “quill” to the feather. Roughly 18″x6″. Overall feather shape design will be developed by our Artist in Residence to match the mural design. Aluminum feathers will be affixed to a stucco facade, so no mechanical attachment is required – just the cut/engraved plate.

To apply for this job email your name, details, questions, and any relevant information to Be sure to update the text in the email body with your details.

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