Introducing Growing U: CCM’s Business Education Program

We are excited to unveil Clear Creek Makerspace’s much-anticipated business education and development program for emerging entrepreneurs: Growing U

What's it all about?

Growing U is CCM’s approach to help our members bridge the gaps between hobbyist maker, budding entrepreneur, and small business owner. CCM provides members with a state-of-the art makerspace to craft innovative creations, learn new skills and hone their existing ones. Growing U provides workshops, resources and micro-funding grants to propel Clear Creek Makerspace members forward as they transform their craft into a career. From creating a product to share with friends and family to launching a small online shop, individuals will have the opportunity to transition their skills into a budding small business.


We’ll partner with organizations like Colorado Small Business Development Center (SBDC) Network and Manufacturer’s Edge to bring essential, expert-led workshops to our members for free or at a highly discounted rate. Workshops will include topics such as how to file an LLC, the nuts and bolts to a business plan, social media marketing done right, do’s and don’ts in manufacturing, beginning the creation of your project pitch, and more. 


We’re excited to cultivate an inclusive and supportive community culture with CCM. Through both physical elements like our lounge complete with administrative resources for starting a small business, as well as digital features like a job and contract board hosted on the CCM website, Growing U will become a one stop shop for encouraging our creative community to make their dreams a reality. Members can utilize Growing U’s resources to spark the next big step in their entrepreneurial journey.

Micro-funding Grants

CCM is committed to removing barriers to entry for the maker community to translate their passion and skills into opening a small business, and we know that a primary barrier for many makers is funding. Members can apply for micro-grants through a short application and are eligible to receive up to $500 each year to take outside educational courses that have proven results for successful small business startups. Through Growing U, CCM will offer recommendations on courses from partner organizations like the Colorado SBDC Network and allow members to identify their own learning opportunities.

But wait, there's more!

With Growing U, our mission to take you to the next step in your creative flow and entrepreneurial dreams is made possible through professional coaching partnerships with successful and experienced members of our community. As a member of CCM, you’ll have exclusive access to our professional coaches as they lead incredible group workshops for managing your inner critic, creating a courageous creative community, telling your story, perfecting your trade and skills, taking the next step in a maker career, and so much more. 

Meet Your Creative Coaches

Darren Kanthal

Darren is a successful coach with over 20 years of experience (and fun fact, he can juggle for 3 seconds before all the balls come crashing down) that lends to his passion of working with people and clearing a pathway for them to walk to the next level in their passions or career. Darren is looking forward to not only being a member of CCM but working with CCM members. Darren says that he has two left thumbs, but he is excited to lean into woodworking to build something for his home that he shares with his partner Rachel, her two kids and his beloved dog, Benton.

Kate Peabody

Kate Peabody, MBA, is an International Coaching Federation Professional Certified Coach pairing positive-psychology-based coaching with more than fifteen years of corporate & small business leadership, creative confidence and design-thinking experience. Kate is excited to be a part of the CCM community to help makers balance work, life and time for their holistic wellbeing. You can expect to hear cheesy puns and alliterations and 75% of what Kate owns are art and craft supplies. Clay, paint, markers, chalk, charcoal, yarn, embroidery, stamps, paper and canvases, fabric, bits and bobs she thinks she could make something great out of…

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