Battle of the Benches: The Ultimate Makerspace Fundraising Challenge!

The excitement is building as we officially kick off the count down to the March 2024 grand opening of the Clear Creek Makerspace. Our mission is clear: to provide Denver Metro with a world-class community makerspace where creativity knows no bounds. What makes this dream even more thrilling? Our dream of creating a cutting-edge makerspace is within reach, but we can’t do it alone. For the next few months, we’re hosting a crowd-sourced fundraising campaign to make these dreams a reality.

By March 2024, we’re committed to getting our community the essential hardware and software listed here. Your support can make a significant impact, enabling us to dedicate more resources to innovative additional equipment, member-focused grants, and facility improvements. Imagine walking through the makerspace, knowing you played a vital role in filling it with the tools that will spark countless groundbreaking innovations.


Our Equipment Goals

After an exciting and unanimous vote by the CCM Advisory Board, we’re excited to finally unveil our arsenal of tools:

3D Printers: Get ready to turn your ideas into tangible, three-dimensional reality. CCM will be equipped with a whopping 11 desktop plastic and resin 3D printers, including Prusa, XYZ, Silhouette, Elegoo, and Anycubic machines.

Laser Cutters: Precision, power, and versatility define our laser cutters. In our 1,050 sq. ft. Fab Lab area, we’ll be offering both desktop laser cutters for quick hobbyist projects as well as beefy industrial 60W and 130W 55” CO2 laser cutters capable of engraving and cutting acrylic, wood, leather plastic, glass, rubber, marble, stone, and much more.

Woodshop Equipment: woodworkers and artisans, rejoice! From a huge array of hand tools and benchtop tools to sanders, saws, drill presses, planers, a massive 4×8 foot CNC router, and 1,500 sq. ft. of space to spread out and work, CCM will be a woodworking paradise.

Metal Shop and Machining: Our 910 sq. ft. metalworking area is equipped with bandsaws, grinders, vises, lathes, mills, sanders, MIG and TIG welders, presses, and a huge number of hand tools to shape, cut, and finish metal projects. For those looking for an introduction to metalworking in Metro Denver, CCM will be the spot.

Electronics Bench: For all the tech enthusiasts out there, our electronics bench offers it all. Soldering stations, oscilloscopes, multimeters, microcontrollers, and a mountain of electronic components free for the taking – we’ll have everything you need to bring your electronic projects to life.

Sewing and Crafting: Get your sewing and crafting fix with both domestic and heavy-duty sewing machines, vinyl cutters, and a host of crafting supplies. Whether you’re a seasoned tailor or a DIY enthusiast, we’ll definitely have the tools for your next project.

Have we piqued your interest yet? Our goal is to provide you with the best tools and equipment to unlock your creativity. With affordable membership options, weekly exciting and engaging training workshops, and a huge number of membership perks and rewards, there’s something for everyone. 


How Can You Participate?

We’re turning this into a friendly competition! Sections of our makerspace will have fundraising thermometers, and we invite you to fuel and fund your favorite area. Will the woodshop triumph over the 3D printing pros? Will the metalworking masters outshine the electronics buffs? It’s up to you!

Ready to join the competition? Just hop over to our gift registry to purchase critical equipment for the CCM, or talk to a member of staff if you wish to make a specific donation to your favorite area of the makerspace.


Join the Competition, Ignite the Spark!

Mark your calendars for the late March 2024 launch date, and let the creative competition begin! Every donation pushes us closer to our dream, and here’s the best part – you get to see the direct impact of your contribution on the makerspace floor plan. Your generous support is not just an investment in tools; it’s an investment in a thriving community of creators.


We offer monthly memberships, annual memberships and student memberships. To learn more about what we offer, click below.